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    mp3 restarting after a few seconds

      I have a site with a LOT of short mp3 music clips to play.
      Currently what I built is working perfectly on my desktop,
      but when I play it online, it glitches.
      I assume there is a problem with the streaming somehow,
      but I don't know where to start to fix it.

      The glitches are:
      (1) a song starts to play, then a couple seconds in, it skips and starts over then plays all the way through.
      (2) sometimes if you click on a second song, when the second song skips (see glitch #1), the first song starts playing too so then they're both playing at the same time.

      It's in AS2, btw.
      The way it's currently built is I create a sound object
      and use loadSound to load each external mp3 into that object.

      There is a button for every song with a toggle switch inside the button.
      The script to play the song is on every button.

      (3) I do create the same sound object ("music") on every button.
      Would it be better to create the sound object once on frame1 of the whole site
      and have every song that loads from external .swfs reference that existing sound object?
      Does it matter?

      I am quite prepared to completely rebuild it if anyone has a better structure for how to do this.

      You also may notice:
      (4) I also have a problem with the toggle button (glitchy, but fixing the music is more important).
      When you click on the second song, I can't figure out how to get the toggle on the first song
      to revert to it's usual "play" state.

      Thank you.