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    Flashdakota Level 1

      I'm trying out cfselect with bind for the 1st time and I'm having 1 issue...

      I am trying to populate the 2nd cfselect with the zone_names AFTER i have selected the country_name in the 1st cfselect.

      the 2nd cfselect isnt populating!

      My database looks like this...
      All the data is in 1 table.
      table name = zones
      columns = zone_id, country_name, zone_name

      My cfm page is fairly simple...

      <cfform name="myform">

      <td>Select Media Type:</td>
      <td><cfselect name="country_name"
      bindonload="true" /></td>
      <td>Select Art:</td>
      <td><cfselect name="zone_name"
      bind="cfc:art.getzones({zone_name})" /></td>


      I have also attached my CFC code.

      My code probably isnt too neat right now, due to me spending hours trying to get this right...
      However, I would really appreciate someones help so that my 2nd cfselect populates correctly!

      Thanks in advance