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    UninitializedError with Flex Component Kit

    Traced67 Level 1
      Hi erverybody,

      I am right know encountering a very annoying bug which drives me nuts by avoiding me to use Flex Component Kit.
      I did a test file in flash with just a rectangle symbole that I converted to a MovieClip with the name "MyTestClass". I selected it in the library and used the "convert symbol to flex component" command. I published the .swc file and put it in the library path of my Flex project.

      If I try to insert it in my mxml page I have only the UninitializedError hint in place of the MyTestClass:

      <local:UninitializedError />

      If I declare a namespace for my .swc:


      I also get the UninitializedError:

      <flcomps:UninitializedError />

      If I create a normal class file in a folder "components" in the src folder, I can reference it without problem:


      <comp:MyTestClass />

      I am right now totally unable to import any Flash MovieClip into Flex !!!!

      I followed the steps provided into this video:

      http://tv.adobe.com/#v=http%3A//adobe.edgeboss.net/flash/adobe/adobetvprod/under_the_hood_ with_adobe/35_uha_004.flv%3Frss_feedid%3D1052%26xmlvers%3D2

      Does anyone encountered this bug and got a solution? I already uninstalled/reinstalled Flash CS3, Flex Builder 3 and the Flex Component Kit...

      Many thanks for all the help you can bring me...

      Best regards
        • 1. UninitializedError with Flex Component Kit
          Traced67 Level 1
          That's really weird!

          After digging around, reinstalling Flash CS3 again and doing multiple tests, I finally found the source of the problem:

          Two .swc files residing in the same folder where I was saving my tests files were avoiding the Flash compiler to successfully create new .swc files!? I cannot understand how this can be possible. As soon as I choosed a new folder for saving the test files, I could link to the .swc and access the component from Flex. Also as soon as I moved out the two culprid files I could again save in the previous folder...

          Does anyone has an idea how this can happen?

          For those interested in the case, you can download the 2 culprid files here

          Best regards,