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    Cd-rom menu  (flash in frameset) keeps opening new tabs

    RMAX Level 1
      I'm really stunned by this 'sudden' unexpected behaviour. I'm pretty sure i used this method before a few years ago. Here is the case:

      I'm making cdrom/usb stick with a html frameset on it, a flash menu in the top frame and html in the one below. The flash needs to open a link tan html file in the lower frame. Online this works great but for some reason (security i'm sure) it opens the link in a new tab when i run it locally (as intended).

      I tried making a simple javascript function to open the page in the frmeset and have the swf call the javascript but that doesnt work either. It wont even connect to the javascript, not by link, not by external interface, nothing...

      I finally got it to work by adding the folder to my trusted sites in the flash security manager.
      But i can't expect anyone also to figure that out. Flash seems useless for this now. :(
      Is there another way to just get it to work ofline??

      I\m thinking about using a tool like Zinc now, but i'd like to sure that won't run into the same thing since it looks like the plugin eliminates the functionality....