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      I'd really like the ability to automatically save the project at user defined intervals, with a user specified number of saves, like we can do in Premiere Pro. Several times I've started building a DVD, spent a lot of time transcoding assets, had the software lock up, and then had to re-transcode. It's a bummer.

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          I second this motion very much. I was very surprised, after looking forever to find this feature in Encore, that it did not have it. It's easy to hit ctrl-s often but just as easy to forget. This feature just like Premiere has, as mentioned by Skip, would be great.
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            Jeff Bellune ACP
            A better method is to save incremental backups - ThisProjectVersion_01, ThisProjectVersion_02, etc.
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              MusicConductor Community Member
              That's fine for a very reliable approach, but incremental backups can take up a ton of disc space and time because saving to a new name means the automatic re-saving of all the disc transcodes and assets to a new folder.
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                Jeff Bellune ACP
                Hard disk space is pennies on the GB these days. Buy some more. If projects are mission-critical, are you really willing to forego the insurance of incremental backups just because you have to buy more disk space?

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                  neil wilkes ACP/MVP
                  Also, Autosave can be a disaster if you are doing something CPU critical right at the point AutoSave kicks in (Transcoding, editing, whatever).

                  Much, much better to save regularly using incremental naming, as Jeff suggests.
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                    I suppose if it was turned off by default, some might find autosave useful, but personally, I don't like software that saves automatically. Incrementals aren't as expensive as they might sound (you can always delete earlier saves). I often find myself opening a project and trying different looks and ideas for menus, transitions, subtitling etc. It could be disastrous for the software to assume you want to save those tests sessions as your actual project and scrap what you had done up to that point.

                    Peace, BJ
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                      MusicConductor Community Member
                      Really good points, guys. I am under-equipped for drive space, that's all there is to it! Time to hit up the IT dept...