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    Setting up FTP Users

    Roger Meeker
      What's the best way to set up a new site using check in/out for multiple users? For example, say I've developed a new site locally, then copy the files to the Internet server. I could check in all the files in DW, then have a new user login and check out the files. Not very efficient with multiple users.

      Preferable would be to provide the site files directly to users, have them setup their site locally, then... ? When I see DW message such as "No sync info available..." (or someting like this) I'm never sure just what it's seeing. Don't want to overwrite anyone else's changes of course, so any insight as to the best way to accomplish this would be appreciated.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Is sharing on a network server out of the question (not the live server but a testing server)?
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            Roger Meeker Level 1
            In this case there will be 3 or 4 users-- located in different states in the US. I guess I have to read up on just how DW establishes and maintains the info it uses to determine sync info. In the past, even when working alone on a site, I frequently got "this page has changed on the server" type warnings, even when I knew that was not the case.

            Perhaps checking out/in to set the .lck file is the only reliable way to do this... (?)