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    Connection Error 1088

    portuguesedanny Level 1
      Hi All,

      I have just tried following this example ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiwN1PsrhHc) but I am getting an error #1088.
      I see the datagrid but there is not data being displayed from the db.
      The Add button (does insert records into the db, I've checked with PhpMyAdmin), the Delete and Search buttons do not do anything.
      (All buttons return the #1088 error)

      I have a clean install of: Leopard OS; FB3; MySQL5.
      If I put a php file in the webserver root that connects & echos a query to a db it returns data, so I know that apche, Php & MySQL are working. Within FB3 when I select the Data menu & Create Application from Database, the Data Source Explorer shows the available Tables in the DB, so I'm assuming that FB3 is connecting to & quering the DB ok.

      The FB3 project creates a main Php file that does the basic db tasks of Find, Insert, Delete etc... When I load this in a browser ( http://localhost/project/project-debug/project.php) I get the usual XML headed page but the XML data tree shows
      <error>No Operation</error>

      Does anyone have any ideas why the data is not being displayed?
      Is it because there is 'No Operation' being specified? If so, where wld I specify it?