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    Splitting tracks

      So I am wondering...
      Does Soundbooth have a feature, or a way to add a feature, or a way to write my own feature, that would detect a silence and split it off into a new track, or add a marker, or some way to make it easier than just highlighting a section and cutting and pasting to a new track?
      This seems like it would be a really useful feature...
      and not all that difficult to write.

      Pseudo code something along the lines of

      do while not audio.eof
      audio.position += 1
      if audio.db = 0 then
      ms = 0
      do while audio.db = 0
      audio.position += 1
      ms = ms + 1
      end if
      if ms > 2000 then
      SplitPoint = audio.position - (ms/2)
      end if
      for each KeyFrame in audio.keyframes
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          I want to know the same thing!

          How can we split a track in two, in order to move one half around and insert audio between the two halves? I can't see a shortcut. I'm a Mac user.

          In Garage band it's just apple+T

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            Um, crap, your right!

            I thought, hey that's an easy one! just create a new track, select the audio that you want to split, click cut, and paste into the new track.

            But you can't just do that with sound booth.
            read http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c0520a7

            But the short answer is that in your original sound file you can to select the first part, save it as a file, select the second part, save it as a file, and then import the two parts into a multi track file separately.

            Sound booth is missing some very very basic functions as a sound editor. It horribly saddens me that I bought the master suite with this piece of "software" included, and significantly reduces the pleasure I get from playing around with it.

            I think that the sound booth developers should commit seppuku in order to make room for adobe to bring in competent developers to remove their shame from releasing such a horribly flawed product.

            Ether go back to Garage Band, or download Audacity for free. It's not perfect, but it's better than SB by a long shot.
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              F*** it, I'm getting a refund.

              £75 for this piece of s*** that doesn't do the most BASIC of editing functions... this simple command is Apple T on a Garageband, the FREE software.

              Adobe customer support is a joke too.
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                Ozpeter Level 1
                Soundbooth is intended to address a particular market sector which is completely different from that addressed by Garageband.
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                  Sorry Ozpeter, I don't get you. Soundbooth is a multi-track sound waveform editing tool is it not? The ability to simply split a waveform/track into 2 is a very basic and fundamental editing requirement for anyone wishing to edit sound.

                  Why bother with trying to add such ridiculous features such as the speech transcriber, which is so flawed it's farcical and ridiculous without attending to the basic editing needs of it's consumers?
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                    ryclark Level 6
                    If you want full multitrack editing then you use Audition. Ah, but you are using a Mac. Oh dear. ;)

                    Soundbooth is intended for cleaning up tracks from a video editor like Premiere. So you do your track splitting in that. You don't want to be messing up the sync between pictures and sound by changing the length of your audio file outside of the picture environment.
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                      Cheers Ryan,

                      you joke about Audition, but I'd love it! It used to be Coole Edit, right? I'm thinking about Logic Express... any thoughts?
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                        Is Audition part of the CS4 master suite? If not, why not???
                        I just don't see it on the list of installed programs, wondered if I missed it somehow.

                        One of the things that we were hoping to use soundbooth for was editing/preparing podcasts for a new project that we hope to start.
                        So it was a bitter pill when I figured out that the master suite didn't come with a decent sound editor (not a mac user, so I can't get garage band)

                        It seems that the master suite should come with something that can do this, as it is one of the big new media things, and is only going to get bigger.
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                          Ok- this is still a huge problem. As a master collection owner not having the ability to split a track in sound booth is just stupid.


                          And no- I don't want to edit my audio podcast in premiere- just add a razorblade tool people, or have the decency to port something that is actually useful to the mac. Or better yet don't pretend to add multi-track functiuonality to a tool when a tape based multi-track from the 80's has more functionality. If this was 1985 I could razorblade tracks all day.


                          I'm dropping the master collection and going with Final Cut Studio since the only useful tools in the collection are now AfterEffects and Photoshop.

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                            digabyte Level 1

                            However, it still doesn't have the right features to address that market.  Splitting a clip is ridiculously basic and ALWAYS a necessary tool.