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      • 50. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
        Donny_M Level 1

        Thanks for the info Matt, everything seems to be working great now.

        • 51. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup


          I've the same problem with Soundbooth, Media Encoder and Premiere; I've see that the crash start when all the programs loading "Audio only"-

          always when it reaches the "Audio only" line on the splash screen.

          Can you help me?




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            what kind of graphic card u got?

            • 53. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
              cornelhecht Level 1

              I have RADEON X600 graphic card.

              • 54. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup (WinPathUtils.cpp-582)
                d_atkins Level 1

                I get the error WinPathUtils.cpp-582


                C:\Documents and Settings\djatkins>set
                ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
                APPDATA=\\BETA\djatkins\.windows\Application Data
                CommonProgramFiles=C:\Program Files\Common Files
                HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\djatkins
                Path=C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\WINDOWS\system32\WindowsPo werShell\v1.0;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\
                PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11, GenuineIntel
                ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files
                USERPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\djatkins


                [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]
                "AppData"="\\\\BETA\\djatkins\\.windows\\Application Data"
                "Cookies"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Cookies"
                "Favorites"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Favorites"
                "NetHood"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\NetHood"
                "Personal"="\\\\BETA\\djatkins\\.windows\\My Documents"
                "PrintHood"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\PrintHood"
                "Recent"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Recent"
                "SendTo"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\SendTo"
                "Start Menu"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Start Menu"
                "Templates"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Templates"
                "Programs"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Start Menu\\Programs"
                "Startup"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup"
                "Local Settings"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Local Settings"
                "Local AppData"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Local Settings\\Application Data"
                "Cache"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files"
                "History"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Local Settings\\History"
                "My Pictures"="\\\\BETA\\photos"
                "My Music"="\\\\BETA\\djatkins\\.windows\\My Documents\\My Music"
                "Administrative Tools"=""
                "CD Burning"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\djatkins\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\CD Burning"
                "My Video"="\\\\BETA\\djatkins\\.windows\\My Documents\\My Videos"


                If I log on as a Non-Domain ie Local User it works

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                  ashley giles

                  f it identifies any file or setting to be damaged, missing, or corrupted, it provides you with an updated list of the same and also repairs these errors. Therefore, if your computer keeps crashing and need to fix blue screen of death a good registry cleaner is all you need. Your computer can also cause problems because of redundant files in its registry. Reg cleaners identify all these redundant and junk files that were left over during the uninstalling process of hardware of software and delete them. This makes sure that the "computer keeps crashing" issue is taken care of.























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                    I had the same problem with Soundbooth crashing on startup after PlayerMediaCore was seen on the splash screen.


                    A post above about the file called Blacklist.txt gave me the idea to move all of the plug ins to another folder and start the program. Replace them one by one, loading the program after each plug in was moved back into the original folder. The program would not load when the plug in called ImporterFastMPEG was loaded back into its original folder. I can run the program without it.


                    Thank you Adobe for this forum and thank you to all of you who chose to post here. You have helped more than you could ever know.

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                      You're quite welcome Deacon_1, it's nice when a quick easy fix is the one you actually needed. I don't appreciate the "wipe and reinstall" mentality that prevails on the net these days. Glad it fixed you up!

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                        I could not start soundbooth yesterday.  


                        So I tested a solution that I has used to get Encore to start.


                        I renamed the directory: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth\2.0 to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth\2.0_Old.  I later deleted the library.


                        After that Soundbooth started.


                        I still do not know what caused the problem.


                        Anyone any idea what is happening?

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                          michaelbfeig Level 1

                          Just got done fixing a problem with the exporteravi.prm plugin and I thought I would share the experience for those who may run into the same problem.  Basically, after updating Premiere and After Effects, these programs (plus soundbooth) would crash on load.  I noticed that it would always crash while loading  exporteravi.prm, so I found the file in each applications directory and removed it.  After doing so, all three programs worked.


                          Michael Feig



                          • 60. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                            I found that my CS4 Soundbooth 2.0.1 startup crash problem was resolved by simply uninstalling Quicktime (as Durin has mentioned), after all of the other trouble shooting methods failed on me.  After the uninstall, Soundbooth loaded up perfectly and did not crash during its startup and allowed me to edit some audio files successfully.  I haven't tried to reinstall Quicktime yet, to see if the crash reoccurs again, but maybe Soundbooth just prefers to have Quicktime uninstalled and then reinstalled again (after the initial Soundbooth installation)?  Everybody's computer seems to have its own individual resolution for the Soundbooth crash problem, so one just has to experiment a little to see which fix actually works.  Good luck to future crash problems!

                            • 61. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                              I too had/have the same issue.  Uninstalled quicktime - Soundbooth worked like a charm.  Re-installed quicktime, Soundbooth back to crashing after opening just long enough to make me excited...then...psyche!!

                              • 62. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                                I am getting the same problems. i keep getting a Soundbooth Startup  error "Soundbooth could not find capable video playback modules"etc....

                                I am running on Windows 7 64 bit, with a  radeon HD 5600 graphics card.


                                I have tried downloading  the latest drivers, reinstalling soundbooth, doing a system restore,  moving/renaming folders and files, holding down shift etc and to no  avail.

                                I tried loading it in safemode too which partially worked,  ie i could see the interface but the it got a critical error and crashed.


                                Any help or advice would be appreciated


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                                  xcv1001 Level 1

                                  u have to see what sort of error is it?

                                  • 64. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                    Emma87 Level 1



                                    That is the error message that comes up on the screen. It fails whilst hanging on loading playerMediaCore.prm, which is displayed on the soundbooth splash screen. I get a similar error if i try and load premiere. Before the first time i got the error i also got a system error saying that the GPUSniffer.exe was not working properly, is this related?

                                    • 65. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                      xcv1001 Level 1

                                      Find the playerMediaCore.prm and move it to a new location..and whtaever

                                      other plugins, while loading, causes the program to crash, move them too.



                                      Also check the http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting


                                      Adobe CS4 suit has way over too many bugs, If u see the forums u

                                      see everyone is complaining.


                                      I wish i cud be more help


                                      Good luck!


                                      • 66. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                        Emma87 Level 1

                                        thanks but that didn't help, just failed faster


                                        • 67. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                          _durin_ Adobe Employee



                                          Please move the playerMediaCore.dll BACK where it was.  While many plug-ins can certainly be removed for troubleshooting, this happens to be the backbone of the media player in all of the CS4 suite applications and is required.


                                          Generally, the DLL displayed in the startup screen tends to be the last one to successfully load.  The error messages you've posted and described indicate an issue with the video driver - chiefly that it is not reporting OpenGL support, which is a graphics acceleration library included with most video drivers.  Unfortunately, the drivers installed by Windows tend to be basic and not support the advanced features of a video card that the manufacturer's drivers would.  My first recommendation would be to visit the website of the manufacturer of your video card, for example ATI or Nvidia, and install the latest drivers for your video device.  For your Radeon HD 5600, you can find the latest ATI driver at http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx


                                          I suspect this will resolve your issue, Emma, or at least get beyond the error you've posted so we can continue troubleshooting.

                                          • 68. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                            Emma87 Level 1

                                            I have tried that, completely removed them and put them back. It was working perfectly fine then it just stopped working. The first thing that came up was a GPUSniffer.exe error, and then i couldn't load soundbooth or premiere. I have tried restoring my system and it didn't work, which leads me to believe its a file on the system that isn't getting removed with a restore or reinstall. Any ideas what it could be?

                                            If i try and run the sniffer its come up with a not working error


                                            I have seen on a lot of forums illustrating problems with it breaking.

                                            • 69. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                                              I'm having this issue with none of the suggested fixes working.  I opened Event Viewer for Applications and notice that whenever I attempt to launch Soundbooth and it crashes before opening a Windows Search Service error is logged to the Event Viewer.


                                              Event ID: 3083


                                              The protocol handler Groove.SearchProtocolHandler.1 cannot be loaded. Error description: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. .


                                              Any ideas???

                                              • 70. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                Emma87 Level 1

                                                i am not sure, it may just be saying saying that one of the many ddl files is corrupt

                                                for some reason. I now believe it to be my graphics card becuase if i disable it soundbooth works fine, very odd.

                                                • 71. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                                  Are you running Microsoft Office Groove ?  I'm not very familiar with the tool, but if that error comes up in Event Viewer every time you try to launch Soundbooth, it is a very suspicious target.

                                                  • 72. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                    xcv1001 Level 1

                                                    No man im not!

                                                    • 73. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                      megadoosh Level 1

                                                      Post number 47 is the solution.


                                                      You have to add the offending plugin to the Blacklist.txt file.


                                                      Launch crashing program and pay attention to the last plugin that you see.


                                                      Add it to the Blacklist.txt file without the extension.


                                                      Bada bing. You're gold.

                                                      • 74. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                        bkmvl Level 1

                                                        I have SB cs5 and it does not crash when i start just not finishing loading, i get loading playermediacore.prm then nothing,

                                                        i moved the nvoglv32.dll from \windows\system32 and that helped, question is how much else is broken now


                                                        I use Win 7 ultimate-N 64 bit, i added some media stuff from microsoft to get the mediaplayer and codecs i guess so i could run

                                                        songbird, and the performance index in windows, at that point sb stopped working.

                                                        • 75. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                                                          Thank you so much guys.  I was racking my brain, pulling what's left of my hair out trying to figure this one out...then I read this posting about Quicktime.  I remembered that I reluctantly installed Quicktime a few months ago.  I tried uninstalling it, restarted the computer and Soundboth CS5 WORKS PERFECTLY!!!  I should have never installed anything from Apple which is my normal policy but I got reckless.  THANKS AGAIN!

                                                          • 76. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup
                                                            JaydenLawson Level 1

                                                            Deacon_1 had the answer that worked for me!   Thanks mate! I'm on Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro.  I just moved the ImporterFastMPEG.prm plug-in from the Plug-ins\Common folder - back to the root directory of the Soundbooth installation, and it all loads fine now!

                                                            Strange problem though.  Before this fix, Soundbooth didn't open 3 times, then it opened, then it didn't, then it did... and after that it never opened again.


                                                            Thanks Deacon_1 and ccoltmanhttp://forums.adobe.com/people/ccoltmanhttp://forums.adobe.com/people/Deacon_1

                                                            • 77. Re: Soundbooth CS4 crashes on startup

                                                              im getting the splashscreen issue, says loading PlayerMediaCore.prm and just sits there... i tried the blacklist thing and got past it to the NV_OGL error, i have nvidia w/ cuda, its a gtx 280 with driver version 266.58 (current) and even tried a fix i saw on nvidia forums about the nvoglv32.dll being inghte wrong spot. when i check the plugin loading oog the last entry is...



                                                              Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\PlayerMediaCore.prm

                                                              There was an error loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\PlayerMediaCore.prm from the plugin cache

                                                              The registry key will be deleted and the plugin will be loaded from disk.

                                                              Loading from disk..."


                                                              plenty other plugin load from the "disk" fine...


                                                              "Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\ImporterMp3.prm

                                                              Loading from disk...

                                                              This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979.


                                                              Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\ImporterMPEG.prm

                                                              Loading from disk...

                                                              This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979.


                                                              Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\ImporterQT.prm

                                                              Loading from disk...

                                                              This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979.


                                                              Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Soundbooth CS4\Plug-ins\Common\ImporterWave.prm

                                                              Loading from disk...

                                                              This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979."



                                                              ive checked the plugin folder and the .prm file is there... so im stuck. any thought.

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