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    Styles in New Topic have Wrong Fonts

      Getting the hang of organizing HTML files in Project Manager versus the TOC editor. When a topic is too long, I want to shorten it. I create new topic page in Project Manager and paste the content from the properly formatted TOC to the new topic page, but it has none of the fonts of the styles of the original page. The headings and text are all New Times Roman instead of Verdana. I don’t see any scraps that might be causing this.
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          lmarden Level 2
          Can I make a suggestion? Right-click on the topic name in the Project Manager to display the popup menu, and select Duplicate Topic. Give the new topic the new name, and save it. Then go into it, and remove any text that will remain in the original topic, and you may have to edit the topic title. On the source topic, go back and remove the text you have effectively moved to the new topic.

          Much easier. And styles should duplicate as well.
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            AcolinFlood Level 1
            good suggestion

            Found it, while trying to make the Glossary appear (yes, the Help file is useless, why does this have to be so complicated, remind me to talk the company into a free .pdf maker next time), I found the Topic properties and on the Appearance tab, chose another CSS file sheet. Now to delete the style sheet I don’t need.