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    New Browser Window Problem

      I am having problems opening a new browser window when the user clicks on text. The text is Logos, and i want the user to click on it so they can preview my portfolio of logos. After reading the previous posts, i have none the following. I made the link on the text null with a #, i assigned a behavior 'on click', to open a new window and pointed to the page and specified size. When i preview the page, the original page just reloads, and i get an error flag in the bottom left hand side of the screen. I am wondering if the probelm is that my parent page is .htm and the page opening in a new window is .html. Would this matter? Below is my code:
      <td height="0"><a href="#" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('logoexample1.html','Logos','scrollbars=yes,width=200,height=220 ')">[Example Logos]</a></td>
      This thing is giving me fits. Any help would GREATLY be appreciated. I am new to this!