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    FLVs don't work burned on DVD

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi -
      I have an entire project Flash with FLVs - that works flawlessly until I burn it onto a DVD (not an interactive DVD - just the files as data on the disc).

      From the disc everything works - the autorun (for PCs), the Flash splash screen, all the buttons, all the menus which bring in SWFs - all those work. But in the SWFs there are FLVs - and they don't appear.

      To add to the mystery - If I open the DVD on my Mac, launch the Flash Projector - the FLVs play perfectly.
      Only on Windows do the FLV's not launch. Even if I go into Windows explorer and open the DVD, click on the EXE or HTML - everyhting works except the FLV's

      TIA some expert direction.
      JL View a working version online.