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    Stacked BarChart issue

      Hi there,
      I'm having a kind of "random issue" going with my Flex app. I've got a component with a BarChart in it, that has two stacked series, that represent assets/debt from a bank account.

      Sometimes, a Serie doesn't display, having the space reserved for it, but not showing. The behaviour just happens from time to time, and can't specify the circumstancies. I attach these two links to captures of the component for a better understanding... (two different executions of the same code).

      - BarChart displayed correctly here
      - BarChart displayed wrong here

      The code is nothing strange... basically:

      <mx:SeriesInterpolate id="interpol" duration="1000"/>
      <mx:Stroke id="st" weight="1" color="0xEEEEEEEE" alpha=".6" caps="square"/>
      <mx:Stroke id="axis" weight="1"/>
      <mx:Stroke id="callouts" weight="2" color="0x999999" alpha=".8" caps="square"/>

      <mx:HBox width="100%" horizontalScrollPolicy="auto" verticalScrollPolicy="off" id="monthChartBox" horizontalAlign="center" paddingTop="-15" paddingBottom="-15">
      <mx:BarChart id="theChart" paddingLeft="-4" width="100%" height="100" type="stacked" showDataTips="false" dataProvider="{Model.getInstance().graphObject}" mouseEnabled="false">
      <mx:BarSeries id="assetsSeries" xField="assets" stroke="{st}" showDataEffect="{interpol}" width="100%">
      <mx:BarSeries id="debtSeries" xField="debt" stroke="{st}" showDataEffect="{interpol}" width="100%">
      <mx:CategoryAxis title="" id="vax"/>
      <mx:LinearAxis id="hax" maximum="{Model.getInstance().maxGraphValue}"/>
      <mx:GridLines visible="false">
      <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{hax}" width="0" height="0" visible="false" showLabels="false" axisStroke="{axis}" />
      <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{vax}" width="0" height="0" visible="false" showLabels="false" axisStroke="{axis}"/>

      I'm not sure, but I've got the impression that if I remove the interpolation show data effect I don't get the problem. Makes sense to anyone?