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    datagrid repeating the last record of my collection

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      This is a problem I just cannot figure out. I'm using Flex Data Services 2 with Flex Builder 2 and CF 7.0.2.

      Using DataService & ArrayCollection in my app, I'm trying to populate a data grid with records from a MS-SQL database as a ColdFusion data source. When I run my app, the data grid populates with the correct # of records in my database, but each record in the data grid is returned as the last record of my database. So I have the same record going down my data grid for each record in my database.

      If I switch to an MS-Access database as a CF data source using THE SAME CFCs (CF Wizard generated), the data grid populates correctly.

      The code for the CFCs do not change except in places where the table name is different (SQL requires dbo.table-name whereas Access does not require dbo). Anyone have a clue why the data grid is looping the same last record when using MS-SQL?