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    Quiz Failure Problems

      Hello! I am having some trouble with a Presenter created quiz. First off, I created the quiz ( a set of 10 multiple choice questions with 5/10 being displayed and an 80% pass rate) with no problem however when i publish the module and try to take the quiz i have to double click the submit button. Also, is there a way for presenter to take the user back to the beginning of the quiz if he/she fails a pass required quiz? I can not seem to figure it out!

      Thanks to your help!!!
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          1) In your quiz do the questions have multiple attempts? If yes then that can be the reason why you have to click on 'Submit' twice as with each click one attempt is being registered and since another attempt is remaining, the answer options do not get grayed out. So when you clicked the first time your first attempt was taken and since it was wrong the 'correct' message did not appear and the 'incorrect' message also did not appear since this message is disabled if some attempts are remaining. So in reality the first button click submits your first response but you don't come to know about it as there is no message alert. A good practice is to check the 'Show retry message' checkbox in Question->Edit->Options. On doing this, each time you submit your question and the answer is wrong, a 'Try Again' message will come and you would come to know that your answer is being taken.

          2) To take the user back to the beginning of the Quiz follow these steps :
          i) In Quiz Manager, click on the 'Edit' button of your Quiz.
          ii) Go to 'Pass or Fail options'
          iii) In the 'If failing grade' grid, select 'Go to Slide' from the 'Action' listbox.
          iv) Select the Slide from the 'Go to Slide' list box (say, the first slide of the quiz)

          Now, whenever you fail the quiz, you will be taken to the first slide of the quiz. You can apply branching to any slide for pass/fail using this option.
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            jsmart76 Level 1
            what do you mean by branching?
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              us85 Level 1
              The process of moving from one slide to another automatically is called branching. So if you design your quiz in a way such that control passes to slide 1 after Scoring slide then it means you have applied branching on the scoring slide. This is just a self-coined term. If you just follow the steps given by me you will be able to direct the user from the Scoring slide to the first slide in your quiz.