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    Flex Scheduling Framework - Error with start of events.

      Hi - I'm hoping you can help me with this.

      I am using the flexlib scheduling framework to make a timeline. After a lot of experimenting I found that to get the header dates to show Months and Years only I had to set the start date of the timeline to 1st November 2000 and the end to Sun Feb 28th 2010. The area I will be adding events in is Jan 2001 to Dec 2009.

      The start dates and position of the events on my timeline are showing wrong witht the date label showing 'August' and todays date and the positon showing todays date as well. I am putting the start date for the events in using seconds since 1970.

      Do you know what is stopping the events showing at the dates I set them at?

      Thanks in advance,
      Max H