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    Issues with Associative Array

      Ok, here's my issue.. I'm trying to get a ComboBox to select a piece of a Multi-Dimensional Associative Array and send that to a tree that would be able to select a sub-category and display it in an AdvancedDataGrid, but I can't even get close to that far, I keep getting an error every time I try to run it saying: "1120: Access of undefined property masterDatabase (which is the variable I'm using to set up the Associative Array)"..... complicated for someone new to Flex entirely... And the even more complicated part of all this is that what I'm trying to do with this is to build an Air application that the user could load multiple database files of any kind into from their local machine without having to use something like WampServer, and view/edit the internal tables of said database files, so I'm also wondering how one would go about loading database files into an application without using HTTPService or something. I've been roaming the LiveDocs and other info here on the site and can't find a definitive answer to any of my questions.... I would add my code on here, but I don't much see the point since none of it really works... I'm having trouble setting up my events, can't figure out this Array mess, basically can't get anything to work that I'm trying to do... Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading through all this...