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    problems with MC as buttons

    nschrunk Level 1
      Thank you in advance for your help, my flash instructor here at my university knows nothing about flash and is no help!

      I am using movie clips as buttons in my interface; I have them with action scrip as the following:
      on (release) {
      _root.gotoAndPlay ("target frame");

      But my problem is with what I am assuming the layer order of my MC animations. My goal is to have the user navigate and over each black “dot” he or she will trigger an animation in and an animation out. However this does not seem to be the case as you can indeed trigger the animations but only when going up the layering of the movie clips. This may be because I have large images overlaid that come in.

      I am desperate for any help or “tips” you could all give me. I have posted my .fla online


      im sure it would be a quick easy fix for anyone who has used flash for more then a few weeks like myself. I would be forever grateful! (and get to show off my design to my instructor)