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    Copy to Project Folder?

      When I link to an external file that's located on another drive, I'm giving the option to copy that file
      into my project folder.

      If I say yes, then the copy in the project folder is accessed.

      But if the original file is changed, the two will be out of sync.

      Is there anyway for RoboHelp to automatically resync these files?

      Also, I would've guessed if the file is copied into the Project folder, its contents would show up on a search,
      but I guess that's not the case...unless I'm doing something wrong?

      I'm using WebHelp for my primary layout.

      Hopes this makes a little sense :)

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          No you cannot keep the two in sync. In theory you could create an external link but RH would likely "correct" it so that the path is relative in the source. You would then need to output to a folder at the same level as the source projects rather than to the !SSL! folder. Finally that path would have to hold true wherever the help is run.

          The likelihood of that breaking is pretty good!

          BTW. The problem is not the fact the document is on a different drive, just that it is external to the project.

          On searching, no RH does not search the target of links. There's an article about ZoomSearch on my site and that can work on documents inside the project.