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    Flex Debugger Error (fdb)

      Hi All,

      I've been trying to run the flex3 SDK command line debugger with no success (a frozen cmd prompt on one attempt). I'm running this by double-clicking on the fdb file, and typing ' RUN path to my debug swf'.

      The error message it's returning makes little sense to me:

      ' Cannot run program "C:\swishsoft\Swift Optimizer\swiftplayer.exe %1": CreateProcess error=3, The system cannot find the path specified'

      A while back I installed Swift Optimizer on my system, but deleted it quickly as, frankly, it sucks big time. Just seems strange that the Flex debugger has mentioned this file (unless Swift Optimizer has changed something, somewhere that fdb is reading?).

      Can anybody shed any light on this oddity, or - more likely - what I'm doing wrong?

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          January_jsd Level 1
          Okay, figured out a solution to this fdb issue:

          Swishsoft, with their useless swf optimizer, make 3 significant changes to your computer's registry, indicating that their useless swf optimizer is the default JAR Launcher, creating conflicts with fdb's attempts to launch your debug swf file.

          I deleted all 3 entries in the registry (2 of them reverted back to their default state), and now fdb works as it was designed to. Problem solved :)

          NOTE: Modifying your computer's registry could render your computer kaput. Tinker carefully ;)