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    Images not always appearing

    NedKost Level 1
      Is there a reason that the mx:Image control will not render images? I am using the image control inside of a PopUp window, and 90% of the time the image is just an empty space (not even the broken image icon). I am dynamically binding the image so, the code looks something like: <mx:Image source="{selectedItem.ImagePath}" width="310" height="110" />. The path I am using is a relative path. The weird thing is, even if I hard code the path (and put the full path in there), my image will not show up after it gets into this "bad state" (once it breaks, it continually breaks). I have event debugged the app, made sure that the path I get is valid (pasting it into a web browser and verifying that the image appears), and still the image is just a blank space. It seems like the whole application just hangs forever (have waited several minutes).

      Any thoughts? Is there some security or permission thing I am missing?

      Thank you,
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          ntsiii Level 3
          When I have issues like this I often move the source setting out a binding and into a function, where I can trace the exact source.

          Additionally, I don't use relative urls anymore. I pass a "root" url into my apps via flashvars, and append any local parts to that root.

          Lots of people use relative urls, though, not saying that is the problem. Doing it my way makes it easy to verify a source url, since I can copy the full url from the trace and paste it into a browser.