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    RH7 memory error message

      I've just been upgrading all my current X5 projects to RH7. All have been working fine apart from one project! I can open, update, generate fine but when i close the project it comes up with the following error message - 'the instruction at "0x0d2ffc46" referenced memory at "0x00000003". The memory could not be "written". Click OK to terminate program or CANCEL to debug program'. I've deleted the project out and made another copy of my original backup and still no joy. Everytime i close project it brings up the above error message, however the numbered codes seem to change slightly each time!

      Any ideas?!
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          I have the same problem. My belief is that when the program closes, it writes to a file somewhere, maybe a dll or something but the file is still being used by another program, or something similar. This would explain why it can't be written because something else has ahold of the file it wants to use. The error seems to occur whenever acrobat reader is used. Ex: Web browsing, open pdf, or offline when you just view a local pdf file.

          I hope someone else can contribute a fix.