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    _xmouse and _ymouse

    ledi51ofc Level 1
      Well I'm making a "CSI" game and for parts where you use the swabber I wanted it to replace the mouse with the swab icon (or fingerprint duster, etc.) So I wrote this code:


      x1 = _x
      y1 = _y
      on (press)
      _root.swaben = 12
      _root.dusten = 0;
      _root.lighten = 0;
      if (_root.swaben == 12)

      this._x = _xmouse;
      this._y = _ymouse;
      this._x = x1
      _y = y1

      So it sets its original coordinates to x1 and y1, when you click on it it sets swaben to 12 (don't ask me why) and sets lighten and dusten to 0 in case you had them selected, and SUPPOSEDLY hides the mouse and sets the coordinates. Not so.

      Here is the swf file. the mouse doesn't disappear and for some reason the icons go randomly around the screen. Any ideas?