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    RHx5 MapIDs now not functioning

    TwinCessna Level 1
      A WebHelp (output) from RoboHelpx5 suddenly stopped providing the key information to support context-sensitive help in our product.

      Based on various tests on the Help source and our product, it points to a RoboHelp issue.

      The .xpj help project works fine. The help output (WebHelp) has limited functionality in our product.
      Meaning the mapIDs assigned don't function in product. So, in product you click "help" button you now get the Welcome page no matter where you are in product. (This is not how our help system was functioning two weeks ago. Depending on where you were in product, you got the appropriate help topic via MapIDs); not the Welcome page.)

      Three RoboHelp files that are autogenerated with each output generation that might be the culprit, since in a quick file comparison these files now have less MapID information than the working output from two weeks ago, but I have not looked into them yet: