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    Error - The connection is invalid

    tojo45 Level 1
      Using RH 7 / RSC 3.1/ Windows XP

      Both a co-worker and myself have received the "Error - the connection is invalid" error in RH7, working on different projects, attempting to do different functions. We could not get past it, and had to end the process to terminate RH7.

      Both days the error occurred I had been in the process of adding projects to RSC 3.1, but when the errors occurred I was not in the middle of any file transfer activity.

      Any information that can be provided to resolve, or at least understand the cause, would be greatly appreciated.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there tojo45

          Unfortunately this question falls into a huge gray area. Partly because you are dealing with RoboSource Control. I'm not claiming RSC to be a bad product, but there simply aren't all that many folks using it. As a result, there isn't much in the way of a body of knowledge surrounding it. Personally, I've used source control along with RoboHelp for years in the corporate world. But that was long ago in a distant galaxy. And long before actual integration with RoboHelp was a reality. My product was Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS).

          I know in another thread I mentioned that it shouldn't make much of a difference where you post things. But this seems to be a problem related specifically to RSC. So I might suggest you try reposting this thread over in the RSC forum category. There is a person or two that seem to thrive with RSC type posts. They may not be watching this category very closely.

          Cheers... Rick