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    Search Field dissapeared

      I noticed that my search field in the main toolbar is missing. I have a custom company logo where the "Powered by RoboHelp" used to be and increased the height of the toolbar. Any ideas how I can get it back??
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Welcome to the forums skoldpadda. Have you checked that your custom company logo isn't so big that it is hiding the search tab?
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            skoldpadda Level 1
            No, don't think it is the logo, it is only 48x48px. I created a new project using the same settings and placed the logo in, works fine, search field is there. I have cross referenced all files and see nothing missing. I am at a complete loss.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Two things you can try. Does the search button appear when you use the Preview button in the skin editor? You may also be causing the problem by increasing the size of the toolbar. Do likewise on your test project and see if the same behaviour repeats itself there.
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                HKabaker Level 2

                Near the end of the output file whskin_tbars.htm you should see something like this:

                addButton("custom7279", . . . . .

                and near the top of whstart.js you should see, depending on their order,

                var gsToolbarOrder = "custom7279|toc|idx|fts|blankblock|searchform";

                If "searchform" is not there, you have a problem in generating the skin. If it is there, you have a display problem.

                If it's not there, I'd suspect the WebHelp "Single Source Layout." Recheck the layout to be sure you are calling for the search form in the toolbar. If you are, delete the layout and create a new one. Another way is to delete its .ssl file in the RH project folder (project must be closed), reopen RH and re-create the layout.

                My guess is that searchform is there, but something is forcing it down past the bottom of the toolbar.

                Where and how are you changing the height of the toolbar?

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                  skoldpadda Level 1
                  The search button does appear in the preview, whskin_tbars.htm has what it should and whstart.js as well. Not sure what is going on but I decided to go ahead and start over.

                  Thanks for the help everyone!