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    Alert Causes Tree to Invoke Item Editor

    ericbelair Level 1
      Attached is a very simplified version of my application which is causing me a headache. I have a Tree to which I have added a custom ContextMenu, with options to Delete and Rename items in the Tree. When a user selects "Delete", I force them to confirm the deletion by showing an Alert, with YES/NO options. However, regardless of what option they choose, when they click one of the buttons, the Tree suddenly shows one of the items in edit mode. I can't understand why.

      To reproduce:
      1. Compile the attached code in a Flex Project and open the application in a browser.
      2. Open the "Parent" node in the Tree.
      3. Select the "Child" node.
      4. Right-click with your mouse in the Tree and select Delete.
      5. Select either Yes or No.

      Any help with preventing this behavior from happening would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.