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    attach movie - broken buttons - targeting

      Let's say i have a simple movie clip called "navBar" and in that movie clip I have nested another movie clip called "green_btn". I have assigned linkage to both clips the first as "navBar" and the second "green_btn". It is removed from the stage and saved in the library with proper linkage.

      Now let's say I return to the stage and create a "holder" for my attached movie. I leave it blank, I call it "myHolder_mc" and assign it linkageand give it a instance name of "myHolder_mc" and move the cross hairs to the upper right hand corner.

      Then I create a red button movie clip on the stage of a red circle called "red_btn", and give it a instance name of "red_btn". I will use red_btn.onRelease to load up the attachedMovie. When I press the red_btn, the "navBar" movie attaches fine.

      OK, thanks for sticking with me this far - HERE IS THE PROBLEM - I want to be able to target the "green_btn" that is located in the original navBar and assign it a onRelease function. I can't seem to be able to target it, and have tried to find the right target path, but can't seem to do it correctly.

      So here is the code so far that isn't working

      red_btn.onRelease = function(){
      myHolder_mc.attachMovie("navBar","navBar", 0)

      // the green_btn is nested inside of the navBar movieClip
      myHolder_mc.navBar.green_btn.onRelease = function(){

      What should I do?