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    Can't connect to SQL Server with Flex wizard

      Hi. This is my first question about working with Flex. I just started experimenting with it, and I'm pretty excited over it.

      I'm trying to create a little form and populate it with data from a SQL Server database via ASP.NET. I created a project in Flex Builder 3 Pro, chose Desktop application (runs in Adobe AIR), and selected Application server type ASP.NET. On the next page, I selected "Use ASP.NET Development Server", since I just want to test it on my desktop. After creating the project, I go to the Data menu and select "Create Application from Database". I select my project, and then click "New" on the data source page to create the connection to the data. I give my new connection a name, and click next. I enter my server name, database name, and login info. When I click Test Connection, I get an error "Unable to connect to database". I click Details, and the info starts with java.sql.SQLException... Connection refused. Then it traces through a zillion details.

      I have tested this connection in SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005, so I know the connection information is valid. I have never tried connecting through anything that uses Java before. Is there some configuration issue I am missing? Is there some way I can troubleshoot the connection problem? I don't know much about Java.

      Are there any step-by-step examples out there of connecting to a SQL Server database (or other database) via ASP.NET from a Flex project? This is all new to me (I'm a .NET developer).

      My ultimate goal is to replace the web-based front end of a .NET application with an AIR-based front end.

      BTW, I have Visual Studio 2005 Pro and SQL Server 2005 Developer installed on my workstation.

      Thanks for any help.