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    targeting a url loaded into a frame

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      Hi... I am hosting a shopping cart on a different server then the shop
      itself. I order to hide this I put the cart in an invisible frame on the
      shop site. The problem is that I would like to be able to link to an item in
      the shopping cart from a link in the shop site.

      www.mysite.com/cart is where the cart is served from

      www.thestore.com/shop.html is the page with the invisible frame

      the name of the frame holding the shopping cart is "thecart"

      <body onLoad="window.location.href=' http://www.mysite.com/cart'"> loads
      into the frame "thecart"

      if I generate a button link for a specific item the link would be
      www.mysite.com/cart/index.php?main 12312314124124

      That of course, would bring up a browser window from the site I am trying to
      hide and not www.thestore.com/shop.html

      Is there anyway to link the item button so it not only brings up the
      ...shop.html page holding the cart in frame, but also sends the cart to page
      containing the correct item?

      thanks for any help

      Al Winchell