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    Upgrade 5 to 7

      Hi Guys ;)

      I just bought robohelp 7 with the technical communication suite.
      now, after installing, it ask for a serial number. i've no serial for robohelp(!)?
      the only serial i have is that for the suite and my old robohelp - serial wich contains letters.

      every other included program works well, but robo help asks for an additional serial, everytime :[
      is this a bug ? should i dont deinstall robohelp 5 ? is the phonesupport a chance ?

      sry for bad english. im an creepy german ;]
      greez and thanks
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          Don't worry about your English, as long as you guys keep producing decent cars!

          I am not clear whether or not you did uninstall X5. Uninstalling is necessary as you only bought the upgrade. The procedure should have been to put in the TCS number during the install and later in the procedure you get asked for the old version number. The serial number should start RH.

          Post back if still in trouble.

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            normanfischer Level 1
            thanks for your aswer:)

            I uninstalled robohelp5 and installed the suite(with robohelp7 ).
            After some starts and screaming because i cant work with robohelp(^^)
            i decide to "test" the software. now, every start there is this form:


            If I reinstall the suite, the same window appears.

            I dont know, wich serial he wants. the suits number dont fit here.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Can you translate what is on that screen please?

              I suggest you start with the suite number and see if it rejects that. I think it will accept it and then ask for a qualifying number which will be your X5 number.

              If that is not, then I think you will need to contact support.

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                JainVivek Level 1

                Did you install RoboHelp 7 from your Technical Communication Suite DVD? If FrameMaker, Acrobat and Captivate are working fine, RoboHelp should not ask for a serial number. However, it seems from the screen shot that you have a version on the machine which is not installed from the Technical Communication Suite installer but from a separate RoboHelp 7 trial version.

                Try launching your Suite installer through control panel - add/remove programs and run it in modify mode. Please see if it tells you "Already installed as point product" for RoboHelp, if it does, you need to un-install RoboHelp 7 trial version and install RoboHelp 7 from the suite installer.
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                  Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional
                  I've run into similar problems, all of which I fixed by first uninstalling, then using the Windows Uninstall utility (or something really close to that) to blow out anything remotely connected to TCS. After that, it seems to install properly.

                  Let me know if you need further clarification

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                    Thanks for share us the great Archive!