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    Can't create new sites in Dreamweaver CS3.  Help!

      I am trying to create a new site in Dreamweaver CS3 but keep getting the following error:

      "The action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.
      Choose 'Switch to' to activate the program and correct the problem"

      I have tried every documented solution on the adobe website and other discussion forums and still cannot get past the problem.

      I have restarted the IIS server on my local PC as documented on the following adobe technote:


      Other things I have done:

      1. I have followed all the advice in the links at the bottom of the above page.
      2. I have created a new user, logged into that and tried creating a site with a "virgin" environment
      and I still have the problem.
      3. I have gone into the registry and renamed the site configuration info in case something was corrupted.
      This removed all my site configurations. No help!
      4. I have turned of my firewall and restarted the IIS server.
      5. I have searched the web for anything even remotely similar to this error and tried every tip out there.

      I called Adobe and they referred me back to the technote above, which I had already tried.

      One last bit of info. I can't create new sites, but I can edit web pages in my existing sites. However, I cannot change the configuration of the website in the Manage Sites area (i.e. I can't push the Edit button).

      Has anyone had this problem? Any help would be appreciated. I have hit a brick wall on this one and am trying to meet a deadline on a new website I need to create.

      If I can't find a solution quick, I will be an ex-Dreamweaver user. That saddens me because I really like Dreamweaver, but I have to perform on my job.