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    img contained in div not visible in FX

      I am in the process of learning to write HTML that adjusts layout to user's individual browser settings. I used to layout EVERYTHING with AP div tags. I was taught in this forum that there are many people who "over ride" HTML font sizes, background colors, text colors and window sizes, and that I should write HTML that is more friendly to these folks. Well, I'm working on it. Things are going alright, but I have run into a very unexpected glitch. I nested an img tag inside an AP div tag inside another div with no defined position. The img shows up just where expected in Opera and (believe it or not) Internet Explorer. It is not showing up in Firefox, though. Please take a look and help me understand what I've done wrong. the url is: http://localhost/HolmesChiropractic/test2.html. Sorry, that's not on the www. This is the url that I meant to paste:
      Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and certainly is not pretty right now. The img in question is a stack of rocks about half way down the left side of the page. The img tag is found on line 66. (or thereabouts if I make any changes before you see this.) Thank you for your help. I'd love to be able to get to the bottom of this and avoid this mistake in the future.