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    Adobe director playback error on XP

      Hi and thanx 4 your help.I'm developing an interactive presentantion and only have 11 elven videos Nothing Else. Dependeing if the presetnation continues or if is interrupeted buy the user o o press a key plays on video or another. the videos are in mpeg 1 format and ther r imported with the mpegAdvace xtra form tabuleiro; I'm working on Director 11 Vista.

      when I playback on vista everything is ok. but when i play on XP in many computers (not all Xp pc, but almost) the application just quit loading a video, no one in specific, and says nothing just quit. just a few times says "adobe director has encountered and error and must quit"

      Plese can u help, what is the posible couse of this? I have to explained this to my boss an to the client.