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    Mixing frame from other slide


      I have the following problem, I have a project 9 minutes long, 120 slides and when I see all together (project), for example in slide 28 I got frame of slide 10?

      If I click on key F10 (5 slides) starting on slide 28 I don't see that frame, but when I hit F8 (all project) it happens??


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          webbo1968 Level 1
          Sound as if you have the image used a s a frame on slide 10 set to "display for rest of project" and not display for rest of slide.

          If you then preview the project from anywhere after slide 10 you will not see the frame. To see it you need to view entire project (F4) or from slide 10 itself.

          When the project is published the frame will show for the whole project if you have chosen the settings I mention above.

          If you don't want to see the frame from slide 10 on slide 28 etc set the 'display for' option to 'rest of slide' NOT 'project' in the properties of the frame object


          Webbo (UK)
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            gusferre Level 1
            Hi Webo,

            Thank you for your time writing me; I double check if by mistake I had changed to “Display for rest of project”, but all the slides were recorded as “display for rest of slide”.

            I’ll contact support??

            Thank you again,