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    open new url window with specific parameters

    seme1 Level 1
      usually, one would use window.open(url,parameters)
      When using air, the only option I found was air.navigateToURL(url) and it doesn't seem to allow parameters.
      Can anybody please tell me how to perform a similar action to window.open(url,parameters) ??
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          cybergib15 Level 1
          i made this function, to do that in simple way

          * @author cybergib15

          * Crear una ventana nueva
          * @param {String} html Ruta del archivo html o pagina.
          * @param {Int} width Ancho de la ventana.
          * @param {Int} height Alto de la ventana.
          * @param {Boolean} transparent
          * @param {Boolean} resizable
          * @param {Boolean} maximizable
          * @param {Int} left
          * @param {Int} top
          * @return {Object} Retorna el objeto HTMLloader.
          function nuevaVentana(html,width,height,transparent,resizable,maximizable,left,top){

          var options = new air.NativeWindowInitOptions();
          options.systemChrome = air.NativeWindowSystemChrome.STANDARD;
          if(transparent==true) options.systemChrome=air.NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE;
          options.transparent = transparent;


          var windowBounds = new air.Rectangle(left,top);

          newHTMLLoader = air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow(true, options, true, windowBounds);
          newHTMLLoader.load(new air.URLRequest(html));

          return newHTMLLoader;