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    Trouble with Meta Tags

    three_penguins Level 1
      I manually add the tags meta name="description" and meta name="keywords" to the html code in RH7. Then when I save the file it strips out the quote marks around the words "description" and "keywords". Then when I compile as WebHelp the tags are completely removed. What is up with this? Surely there must be a way to use these common tags in RH.
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          three_penguins Level 1
          Well, the best solution I can find is to use Dreamweaver as my default editor. Add the meta tags in DW then import the file to RH. The tags stay "as is" even after you compile them for WebHelp.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Esch

            You might try making the following changes. Note that Dreamweaver likely added its own Meta tag to state what the editor was. RoboHelp does something similar. So perhaps change the RoboHelp meta tag to reflect Dreamweaver. Sort of "fooling" RoboHelp into thinking Dreamweaver created the topic. You would also probably want to remove any other RoboHelp specific tags just in case. (I think there are two or three others. Maybe more.)

            My thought here is that if you could trick RoboHelp into believing Dreamweaver created the page it would leave it alone. Assuming, of course, that your observation is spot on with RoboHelp leaving the tags alone.

            Cheers... Rick