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    cfgrid eating up all memory

    Wimpie Level 1
      I'm currently developing an application which makes use of the new ajax CFGRID, displayed in a CFWINDOW.

      I've noticed that with each page containing a grid, iexplorer.exe uses more and more memory (on the client side). Even a simple page refresh clearly shows the memory usage going up every time. Users end up with an unresponsive IE after about twenty minutes of working with the app because of their memory running low.

      This is of course unacceptable behaviour. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?
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          Wimpie Level 1
          Steps to reproduce the problem:
          1. save the following code as test4.cfm
          2. run the code, the page will refresh every 2 seconds (mimics a user browsing on your website)
          3. press ctrl-alt-del, open the task manager, find the iexplore.exe task and watch the mem usage going up!

          <cfif not isdefined('url.cfgridpage')>
          <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2">
          Browser memory test - clearly shows the cfgrid leaking!
          <cfgrid name="browseGrid" format="html"
          bind="url:test4.cfm?cfgridpage={cfgridpage}&cfgridpagesize={cfgridpagesize}&cfgridsortcol umn={cfgridsortcolumn}&cfgridsortdirection={cfgridsortdirection}">
          <cfgridcolumn name="artistid">
          <cfquery datasource="cfartgallery" name="qRead">
          select * from app.artists
          <cfoutput>#serializeJSON(queryConvertForGrid(qRead, cfgridpage, cfgridpageSize))#</cfoutput>
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            Level 7
            you forgot to mention which version/build of cf and ie you are using...

            Azadi Saryev
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              Level 7
              just because cfgrid is 'leaking' in one browser [known for bad js
              handling] it does not mean it is leaking... did you test it in FF,
              Safari, Opera, other versions of IE, etc both on Win and Mac?

              Azadi Saryev
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                Wimpie Level 1
                I'm using CF8.0.1 with all hotfixes applied and the problem occurs in IE7 (and most probably on all other browsers as well, but this was untested).
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                  We have the same problem, but with tab layouts in a cfwindow. This happens with either CF8 or 8.01 on either Server2003 or Server2008 64bit. It only happens with IE - NOT with FireFox. FireFox has it's own issues with the EXT package but memory hogging is not one of them. FF adds about 10K for the same window that IE adds almost 100k for.

                  I tried using the EXT destroy() method for both the dialog and tab layout and it helps a little but IE just won't give back all that memory.