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    Re: Script Doesn't Want to Work

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      Tim, I think you have a misconception... you don't "create a page in CSS".
      You still use HTML for your "creation", but you *style* the page and its
      elements with CSS.

      "Tim Ferguson" <Tlf1@ccs135.com> wrote in message
      Thank you, again. I was using layers in DW3 much to the dismay of those who
      I had check it and so switched to tables and had read of nesting tables
      within a table but haven't tried (it slipped my mind). However, your
      comment about "Since you are using tables, " has alerted me that tables are
      not the way to go? I suppose you may be referring to CSS?

      I've played with CSS some, but when choosing to create a page in CSS instead
      of HTML, I'm presented with a page to write script, and I haven't had the
      time or chance to really take a more in-depth look into going that route.