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    OLAP Table header rendering

      Is custom header rendering for olap data grid supported "out of the box" or one has to write extension of olap data grid class? Has anybody done that and is willing to share the sample?

      This is what adobe documenation says about it:
      To specify a custom header renderer to the OLAPDataGrid control, create your customer header renderer as a subclass of the OLAPDataGridHeaderRenderer class, create an instance of the OLAPDataGridHeaderRendererProvider, set the OLAPDataGridHeaderRendererProvider.renderer property to your customer header renderer, and then pass the OLAPDataGridHeaderRendererProvider instance to the OLAPDATAGrid control by setting the OLAPDataGrid.headerRendererProviders property.

      According to the above one could assume that by definig required elements in mxml style, custom header rendering should be achieved. I tried to do this but always get an exception thrown. The best I could make was styling of the header, but it falls short of custom header rendering.