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    Print Preview TOC is distorted

      This is going to be a bit difficult to describe. However, when I click on the index tab and then a topic, then click on the TOC tab, then a topic, do a print preview, then the TOC becomes distorted. This does not seem to happen when I have not clicked yet on my index tab. Does anyone know why? Please let me know. Thanks.
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          HKabaker Level 2
          Is this when you're viewing the WebHelp output in a browser, or html help?

          Please explain "distorted."


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            annmic Level 1
            This is webhelp displayed in a browser. The topic icon in the TOC is displayed over the names of the topics. So in other words, you will see the names of the topics and the topic icon on top of it instead of besides the text. This creates what looks like a mess! Also, words from the topic text are on top of other words of topic text. It's all a little hard to describe. Please let me know if this is clear to you or not. Does anyone out there know why? This is just in print preview.
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              Hi annmic,

              I've never used Print Preview with my WebHelp output before, but you are quite right about what happens. It appears that if you preview the TOC, close the preview, open the Index tab, then preview the Index, the TOC and Index are superimposed one on top of the other in preview mode. It doesn't seem to affect the WebHelp itself - only the Print Preview, and the actual Print.

              I have no idea why this happens or how you can prevent it happening, but I can confirm that it does happen.

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Is it a browser problem? Does the same happen in IE, Firefox, etc?
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                  CraigCC Level 2
                  Hi Annmic

                  If you hit the Refresh button on the IE toolbar before selecting print preview the problem will not occur. Alternatively, right click in the browser window to display the shortcut menu and then select refresh.

                  Hope that helps