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    spry problems

      www.motoringmemories.net is my website and things have been pretty smooth in managing it. The only real problem I have is in the spry accordion in the left column. The text is set to centered but, depending on the browser, it the text is either centered or runs outside the panel. Is there a CSS fix to this problem. Thanks in advance. Stephen
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Well your first problem is that your Spry code is out of date.

          http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/home.html - This is the Spry homepage. Head over here and download the updater package. Inside the package you will find a ton of samples and an extension. Install the extensions and restart DW. Then under the Sites menu you will see a new option to update your Spry. Run that and then re-upload the SpryAssets folder, then we can go from there.
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            MMnet Level 1
            Thanks for the info.

            I have updated version and still have problem with firefox on both mac and windows. Must be a firefox issue, no?

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional
              I'll try to take a good look through the CSS later. At a quick glance though there is a CSS file you are linking to (twice apparently) and one is working and one is not. The link to the CSS document that appears to be bad is:

              <link href="horizontal_css.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

              There is no horizontal_css.css file in your web folder. The one for the same file inside the template folder appears to be the only valid link.
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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional
                One other thing I noticed.

                Get rid of the <p align="center"> ... </p> from your AccordionPanelContent divs. Just add the attribute text-align: center; to the AccordionPanelContent class. The <p> tag may be causing the issue.