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    Changing level of a .swf after load / Not Swap Depth

      I have looked everywhere, gone through actionscript books and posted to about 5 forums.

      I need script to move .swf file to a different level after load / . . . loadMovieNum ("xxxx.swf", 25);

      swapdepth has not been a workable solution because it freezes one of the .swf files. As I believe depth swap is not intended to work in this manner.

      I am looking for a command that can push say ("piecetwo.swf", 20); to _level19 . . . something like. _level19.swapLevels(20);

      When I do a swap depth. The level change takes place. But it also ceases all functionality with the one of the .swf files.

      If you can help. I would really appreciate it Text