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    how to handle weird characters in form fields (like bullet points from Word docs)

    happysailingdude Level 1
      hi there

      lots of my users copy and paste from MS Word documents into a text area

      my app takes that form.textarea data and inserts it in a MYSQL db.

      when we output that cell from the db, we often find there are ? [question marks] where there once were special characters in the Word doc text.

      it seems that bullet points in word docs are the worst offenders.

      each time i spot a new one i try to find out the chr() number for it and make a substitiution before the text is stored in the db, but its a bit hit and miss (relies on me spotting it) and its v time consuming

      ive tried using functions safetext and demoronize - but they dont seem to do what i need

      im sure im not the first person to run into this - any suggestions anyone?

      thanks very much indeed for any help you can give.

      kind regards