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    Need training

      I am looking for some training on how to collect data from withing Director. To be more specific...I am making a kiosk that will inform patients of the type of procedure they are going to have, the risks, the benefits etc. I need to collect by patient identifier (patient medical record number) information on each section of the kiosk they visited, whether they had a question about a particular section and if so what the question was, the date and time they visited each section. I am basically lingo illiterate. I am willing to purchase online training or book with cd. Any suggestions?

      thanks so much
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          Level 7
          What you're wanting is pretty complicated. You basically need a
          database to store all that information. You can do it with strings, but
          depending on how much information you're trying to collect, that can get
          pretty messy.

          The trouble is Director isn't really set up to handle databases too
          well. I've simulated databases with property lists quite a few times,
          and that should handle what you want to do fairly well. Doing that,
          though, is going to be pretty hard if you're new to Lingo.

          Two suggestions -
          First, since you can probably do what you want with property lists, I
          would go buy Gary Rosenzweig's book, "Special Edition, Using Director."
          I've had the book since version 7, and it's still my main source for
          problem solving. It has a great explanation of property lists, as well
          as a CD with some examples that you can cut-and-paste from to fit your

          Second, if you decide you really need database functionality, there are
          several third-party database tools you can purchase for Director. Just
          do a search on the forums for them.

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            oreopeewee Level 1
            Thanks for the info...are there any other opinions out there? Has anyone tried the level 2 director online training? if so is it worth 249?

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              oreopeewee Level 1
              Just wondering...has anyone tried the level 2 director training offered by Adobe? I'm thinking of buying it but if there is something out there that's better I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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                This sounds like a fairly significant project. Have you had experience in dealing with databases in other languages? Are you familliar with SQL? If you're starting with no knowledge of lingo or general database usage, I would recommend spending a good while using online tutorials to teach yourself the basics of database usage and lingo separately.

                If you've had any experience with SQL before (or even if not), I'd advise using an xtra which allows you to make sql queries, such as Valentin Schmidt's free SQLite xtra:


                Worth downloading and looking at the example director files inside, before spending out on a training course. If you've had experience in any other programming languages, things might fall into place.

                hope this helps!

                - ben

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                  oreopeewee Level 1
                  I must be a total moron. I downloaded the files and when I tried to run them I got script errors.
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                    duckets Level 1
                    did you install the xtra into director's xtras folder?
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                      oreopeewee Level 1