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    RSL problem

    Santanu Karar Level 1

      I'm trying to create a RSL environment for my recent project. I've followed the steps those provided at Adobe site. I am using Degrafa_.2.21.swc in my project. I've made them RSL compliant as described the steps in the topic. But I'm facing an error like this: "No unsigned digest found in catalog.xml of the library, D:\devarealocal\***\resources\com\degrafa\Degrafa_.2.21.swc. Compile the library with -create-digest=true and try again. Unknown 1220620140948 29510" I've tried the compiler setting to -create-digest=true. But it returns - Unknown configurable variable 'create-digest'!! What the probable step(s) that I missed!?

      Any help suggestion!?