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    Meta Caching problems

      I am devevloping a help system for a web program currently under development. I created the help and handed it off to our developers to implement. The problem is that now that the help is working in the prgram, when a help window is closed and a user tries to go back using the explorer back button, it recalls the help window. The developer in charge of our help implementation wants to know if this can be fixed in robohelp in one fell swoop, or do we need to insert these tages in each html doc created in help:


      The tags we are using in our jsp's to call help are as follows:

      <help: showhelp mapId="pagename" label="label.help.pagename" keyword="keyword.help.pagename" title="label.help.pagename.title">

      We had problems with other pop up windows in our system and they were fixed using the meta "no-cache" code, but we have nearly 200 help pages and I would like to be able to do this without manually entering them all.

      Thanks for any help.