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    why isn't flex included in flash player

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      Im new to flex and am curious to why the flex framework isn;t built-in to
      the flash player?
      why do clients have to download it everytime?
      it would make sense to have a bigger one-time download (player) vs
      downloading the same framework every time for every app.
      saves bandwidth too


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          justria Level 1
          Set your project properties to 'use share libs' and the framwork gets downloaded only once.
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            Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
            Adobe has addressed this differently. As of version 9.0.115, there's the Flash player cache. If you set your application up for it, the Flex libraries will be cached by the player. Unlike the browser cache, only Adobe components will be cached, so presumably they won't get pushed out of the cache as easily, or perhaps ever.

            I think this is a better solution, for a number of reasons.

            First, there are many versions of the Flex API, but not everyone will need all versions. Why make them download more versions than needed to run the programs they actually use?

            Second, if the Flex API distribution is tied to the Flash version, doesn't that put you into a trap where users refusing to upgrade their Flash players won't be able to run newer Flex apps that would otherwise work with their old Flash runtime?

            Third, if the Flash player is allowed to download a new version of the Flex API to get around #2, doesn't that pretty much equal the current functionality?