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    CFOUTPUT GROUP ing max results ??

      Hello All,
      Just a question, is there a max number of rows etc that cold fusion can handle in outputing by group from a large query?

      I have a query that returns 45631 rows in about 5 seconds it has some joined tables and grouping in the query.

      I output the query using two nested groups

      CFOUTPUT query="get_data" group="suppname"
      Group title

      CFOUTPUT group="mpart"
      relevant part

      all lines from query for that part



      My page only seems to output 9999 results when I use GROUP in the output, but if I just output the query with no GROUPING then I get all 45631 results.

      Does CF have a limit on the results when GROUPING in a CFOUTPUT?

      Kind Regards Guy