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    Label scroll with mx:Move

      Hi All,

      I need the marquee effect in my application, I got the source from this forum sometime back which uses mx:Move with the Label component. Now the issue I face is that, the scrolling seems to be stopped almost in the end and starts very slowly in the beginning ie (Scrolling speed is not always same. Scrolling is very slow in the start and end, in the middle its ok). Why is that so?

      I have the code pasted below. Kindly advise me what needs to be done.

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          COKFlex Level 1
          Hi All,

          To make the scrolling in same speed I gave easingFunction="{mx.effects.easing.Linear.easeNone}" solved the problem.

          But Still the scrolling was not smoother as I expect. Any attributes/properties can be used for solving that issue??